The Sinner's Songbook

by The Insyderz

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They stand there staring like a pale faced choir Their dreams held back by thieves and liars Their silent chorus fills the air with fire Their guts are burning with a holy desire And we cast aside what they know as youth And what we shove down their throat some call it truth The sex, the highs, the money, the lies This is the life of a nevermind kid The nevermind kids We have a voice, we have a voice The nevermind kids We have a choice we have a choice The nevermind kids We have our own lives to live The nevermind kids The nevermind kids Who are you little kid, you’re still in school If we listen to you we’d be considered fools You don’t have a mistress or credit card debt You’re not a closet drunk and you don’t beat your kids We know what we’re doing, can’t you see by now Our bad ideas would work if they weren’t all shot down By our peers and politicians and the ones who count So turn that smile on your face upside down You don’t know nothing so don’t say a word You’re too young to count your voice won’t be heard To think about change is just absurd Your broken traditions well they must be cured And the strength of the youth will overcome The world will hear the thunder from your lungs The old and weak will be forced to choose To get out of the way or just follow suit I hear the gears of time starting to grind I feel a rumble underfoot and it’s just in time If you don’t have a voice feel free to use mine We’ll tear the roof off this place and fight the good fight Cause we are Marching towards the dawning of a brand new day Where skin color doesn’t matter or the music you play We’re all here together in unity So throw a fist in the air and bring the noise today!
Have you ever walked through hell And there was no one you could tell To help you through it all When all else seemed to fail? Why can’t we be honest About our struggles and our pains The skeletons we dance with our secrets buried in their graves? Roper: We all fight against the grain, all of us circling the drain, villainous, voodooed, star-crossed fools, all of us equal in our pain. We count our scars, in any weather, we are brothers, we are sisters, now let’s sing together. Mojo: Sinner’s are the new holy Before the throne I stand Righteous by the Blood only And that means that you don’t got to live phony Pretending that your fine smelling while you die slowly At the same time a righteous and a sinful man that’s what I am while I’m living this life span i’m defeated and that was my last stand no matter, man, i’ll grab my songbook and I’ll sing it with the whole fam And we stand side by side Smiles on our faces with our broken lives How would that look? Everyone singing from the same Sinner’s Songbook? And we’ll stand hand in hand Grateful for the mercy that we can’t understand But loving the freedom That we get from the same Sinner’s Songbook!
It’s in our Darkest Hour When we stand alone When the burning in your gut Has you chilled to the bone It’s in our darkest hour When we feel the pain And the weight of the world’s Pouring down like rain It’s in our darkest hour When you’re in Death’s grip And his cold dead hand Takes a hold of your wrist It’s in our darkest hour When all hope seems gone And that lonely road is Way too long And we scream And we cry And we bleed our fears dry And we wretch And we Fight For our last breath of life It’s in that darkest hour When we stumble to our feet And our dormant heart Finally starts to beat It’s in that darkest hour We see the sun the come up And a brand new fire Burns deep in our lungs It’s in that finest hour We see it all comes clear When we that thought you were gone But you were always right there It’s in that finest hour When our blood runs true and every fiber of our soul cries out to you
All creatures of our God and King Lift up your voice and with us sing
 O praise Him, alleluia
 Thou burning sun with golden beam
 Thou silver moon with softer gleam
 O praise Him, O praise Him
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia Thou rushing wind that art so strong Ye clouds that sail in heav'n along O praise Him, alleluia
 Thou rising moon in praise rejoice
 Ye lights of evening find a voice
 O praise Him, O praise Him
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia Let all things their Creator bless
 And worship Him in humbleness
 O praise Him, alleluia
 Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son
 And praise the Spirit, three in One
 O praise Him, O praise Him
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia Praise, praise the Father, praise the Son
 And praise the Spirit, three in One
O praise Him, O praise Him
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia O, alleluia, alleluia
What’s the name of your group again? Aren’t you that Christian band? I can move to the groove cuz I think it’s smooth But the words that you tell got me hot as hell. You can do what you do and that’s fine by me But don’t try to pry or baptize me Life just sucks, then you die So I wanna make sure I give it my best try We’re not part of a crusade Not waging Holy War We don’t damn your soul to hell my friend That’s not the plan or what we’re here for We just offer a kind of hope that you don’t hear on the radio We’re not 100 proof we just wear suits The only lines we do are the nice horn kind…so Ladies and Gents We wrote this song Because I think you got I think you got it all wrong We just sing songs from the heart So you can move your feet And have a big smile on your face Relax and know that we come in Peace Can we flip the script one time? Why is it that I can rhyme So many 4 letter words and that’s all alright But people get real pissed when I say Jesus Christ. I can sell a tragic lifestyle So dark and bleak And people are okay with that my friends But I can’t say Christ has brought me peace I’m having trouble with my vision I don’t think I’m seeing clear Cuz it seems that drug abuse is fine But the Bible doesn’t belong round here I can drink my liver away, I can cheat, lie and steal I can do what I want long as I don’t get caught But people feels weird when I bring up God Ladies and Gents You can sing along Have a little fun tonight I won’t let you sing alone Just bounce to the upbeat Have a good time and repeat We can’t promise we’ll be discreet But just know that we come in peace. Ladies and Gents We wrote this song Because I think you got I think you got us all wrong We just sing songs from the heart So you can move your feet And have a big smile on your face Relax and know that we come in Peace
My wings you cannot see If you could you might think twice They aren’t very beautiful They’ll never be snow white. My hands are not pristine My nails are all chewed off But they’ve laid upon the sick and weak While prayers were whispered soft I’ll never be that golden crown I’ll never be a story to tell Like an angel with dirty wings Caught between Heaven and Hell. These eyes have seen things No one should ever see Death and Lust, Hate and Fear Etched in memory You see I’m very far from perfect More like wretched if asking me My debts are more than most I bet But the truth still sets me free
My soul crashed down with the poke of a pin To drain the vein of the life within The tears streamed down That precious skin And I held you close I soaked you in All she’s praying for Is some peace, a smile, a cure Something we all know All to well That panicked scream That stuttered cry That gasp for air Those bloodshot eyes That tiny stab That look of fear That search for hope Your daddy’s here Dear God give me peace As she battles this disease All glory goes to you And when we’ve walked through that Fire With that hope that desire Let the world see our faith in you I’m standing there I can’t do a thing Praying to God That He hears me Please spare this child From this pain I’ve earned it all Put the hurt on me! Devil I know that you are there Better Listen up Open up your ears I vow today That when I die I’ll hunt you down Kiss it all Goodbye!
You start by swinging those arms to beat Feel the rhythm move through your body to your feet Touch your elbow to the opposite knee Add a little bounce and then repeat Add a little jab two times to the left Add a little jab two times to the right Stack those fists build them up real high Bring em back down, We can do it all night! Ladies get a twist going in those hips Roll those eyes and pout those lips Bend the elbows but leave the wrists limp Feel that groove moving and add a little dip Every few times add a chicken wing or two That’s all a rude girls got to do To own the dance floor and have a good time The Rude Girl Twist works every time.
Jesus is a friend of mine. Jesus is my friend. Jesus is a friend of mine. I have a friend in Jesus. Jesus is a friend of mine. Jesus is my friend. Jesus is a friend of mine. He taught me how to live, my life as it should be. He taught me how to turn my cheek when people laugh at me. I've had friends before, and I can tell you that, He's one who will never leave you flat. He taught me how to pray, and how to save my soul. He taught me how to praise my God and still play rock and roll. The music may sound different but the message is the same. It's just the instruments who praise His name. Once I tried to run, I tried to run and hide. But Jesus came and found me and He touched me down inside. He is like mountie, He always gets His man, and He'll zap you any way he can. Zap. He loves me when I'm right, He loves me when I'm wrong. He loves me when I waste my time by writing silly songs. He loves me when I'm quiet and I have nothing to say. He'll love me when I'm perfect if I ever get that way. Whooo!
The Snake 02:24
Last night as I slept I dreamt I met Macgowan That poetic old drunk Who consumes me with his words The romantic lines of verse He writes down without effort I pray the angels catch him If he should fall from the grace of God Shane oh Shane Oh God bless that name You’ve sold your soul long ago But we’ll buy it back someday Oh Shane oh Shane Oh God bless that name May the heavens smile down upon You, Shane oh Shane As the time passes by You defy the laws of nature The hard life that you lived Should have ended long ago But there’s a reason that you’re still Here and singing with us So strike up the band and raise a glass For Macgowan as we sing! The Irishman in question And his historic legend I pray to God above For the church of the Holy Spook May the Grace and the mercy shown me Be the life that’s breathed within you So the heavens will rejoice And Shane will lead the choir
We’re unprofessional, we’re the monkeywrench From the burbs of the D a real rag tag bunch We’re like the Boondock Saints, the chosen few We know this game and what we have to do Guided by God his words we grasp As we walk with a smile through the valley of death We’re ready to go for what comes our way We’ll be the super heroes of today We’re the Patron Saints of Underdogs We start the fight when we’re against all odds When you’re down and out one thing is true We’ll be there for you We exist on recordings and memories We stand in the trench of insecurity A new campaign in the same old war With the same attitude as we had before Ready and able when the call goes out Mic in hand, ready to growl So when it looks no good, it’s your lucky day We’ll be the super heroes of today! We’ve never been the best at what we do You can check record sales I think we’ve sold a few We’ve never played to a sold out show We’ve never had them lined up out the door But our mission is clear, we got a job to do We’ve been given a gift and want to share it with you So when life just sucks and everything's gone wrong Just think of us and sing along!


This album was made by the people, for the people and paid for by these people:

Terin Stock, Matthew MIddleton, Wil Alarcon, Travis ervin, john balk, Clay jones, matthew guerrero, frank p garza, jonathan christian, joe winters, brendan jones, holly pangrazzi koslowski, david maloney, john mcmahon, joel rodriguez, matthew blackshear, Jörg luvelsmeyer, christopher williams, eric s okabayashi, Margaret Miller, steve koslowski, Matt rich, Javier Obregon, evan, Brett Wanamaker, Michael Colmenares, Adam, Zach Herring, James Stephen, Donny Hoover, Chris Moncus, Christopher W Feigles, Chris Morphew, Thereforus, Nils Neumann, Fred & Pam Plont, family, Dave Brown, Liberty, Andy Veldman, sean tompkins, scott nelson, Jonathan Nation, Joseph McCauley, Cody Van Ryn, Billy Snell, Kavin, C. Kevin Brennan, Edward Iandiorio, hwiens, Greg Woods, Scott Fryberger, Tricia, Hailey Jones, Kevin J. Ruhf, bdgoodwill, bill bode, Thomas R Echad, Colin, Andrew, kamakazimonkey, Cameron, Taylor Hinson, Stacey Erin, Bob Peck, Ronald Gilden, NJGR, Charlie Lathrum, Brittney, Phil R, will ledesma, Angelina Messner, Michael Harrison, Brian Anderson, Mathew McKendree, Joseph Fox, Pete Hutchinson, thejuydmug, billdoors, Ryan, alex, Joel, Grant Cox, Steve Clark, Ryan Harvey, Michelle Loretan, Duke Fox, Holly Langhorst, Ryan Wright, Travis William Austin, Victor Sanchez, Steve Presley, Chad and Lauren Verrill, charley, Raymond, Dubert, Holly Tiller, Kyle Hewitt, Jeremiah Holdsworth, Keith Pitner, Alex Arrants, Sergio Guerra, Rosanna Yuen, Joe Lalonde, Joseph Petrone Jr, Richard Schaefer, John Holcomb, Sheldon, Jason Fancher, Joshua Rainey, Tim Dickson, Ethan Gottfredsen, Andrew Teeter, Stewart Ball, Terin Stock, Erin Willis Gillette, Michael Canham, Steve and Shelby, Letner, Mark Minn, Nedther, Joshua R. Smith, Josh Walker, Jesse Cogar, Todd, Ryan Spelman, Tracy, Jason Daemon, Myron McMillin, Jacob Neff, Rob Leeds, BobSock, Josh Shoemaker, Kevin Jones, Joel Derrough, Alan Newbury, Jay Collman, Byron Nash, Kristofer jubinville, Kent Parks, Matthew Paul, John Cooper, Robert Walker, Kelly, Derrick, Ronny St, Autumn Hoibakk, Adam Sailer, Russell McQuestion, Japke, Dan Lister, Derek Sigmund, joshua firman, Michael Clark, Peter Coates, Andy Merrill, Craig Vinson, Chris Neyman, Caolon McNamee, Miles Wallio, Zack, Larry Barnes, Dennis Dixon. Craig Summerfield, mandy morrell, Kevin Wilson, Zack, Rachel, Joel, Nate Steinken, Sam J, Bryan McCord, Jason Stokes, Sean, Joshua Staab, Ben J Walker, Scott, Draheim, Corey Watson, Shawn Finch, Greg Collins, Jeremiah Jacobs, Brian Middleton, Felipe Trinchinato, Rebecca Wozniak, josh mclaughlin, Alex Melgosa, Andrew Freese, Adam Lee, Stephanie Evans, Matthew Middleton, Evan Burkey, Luke Miller, Kaler Carpenter, Adam. Jenni Marner, Juan David Irigoyen, Andy Bourgeois, Uplift777, Rae Miller, Chris Miller, Lloyd Plum, Brandon John Ivy, Jon & Kris Jomama, bmerrill, Justin Walker, stacy robinson, Jeff Bluem, Jon Gilmour, jake shaw, Ashley Marie Wright, Commanchero, MarkStewart, Aaron Clites, Ronnie Clites, Aaron Springsteen, Holly Koslowski, Brendan Jones, Robert Adams, Ray Wolfe, Billy Gibson, Randy Hermann, Timothy Jorgenson, Leslie Plum, Erika Carlson, Rebecca Wittmus, Jenette, Yocom, Shannon Yocom, Stacey Spress, teresa hermann, Nathan Wilson, Alexander Hermann, John Miller, Tom Mahas, Tyler Hagedoorn, Jonathan Faught, Devon Hermann, Peter Rollo, Filip Horvat, Joey Jensen


released September 3, 2012

Joe- Vocals
Nate Dogg- Drums
Tim- Trombone, mandolin, piano, organ, penny whistle, fiddle
Al- cornet, trumpet
John- Bass
Matt- Gutar

Reese sings on Sinner’s Songbook courtesy of Five Iron Frenzy
Mojo sings on Sinner’s Songbook courtesy of OC Supertones
Matt Baird sings on Angel of Death courtesy of Spoken
Steven Kachnowski tromboned on Nevermind Kids courtesy of Telegraph
Doug E tromboned on Tension Prayer/Like Drawing Blood/Darkest Hour courtesy of TSA
Douglas Roark screamed on Darkest Hour courtesy of Groundstate
Eric Hoegemeyer- synth, keys, timpani, B3

Gang Vocals: John Miller x2, John Christy, Amy Lewan, Phil Lewan, Melissa Ambrose-Edison, James (the merch man) Harper, Douglas (groundstate) Roark, Tommy Lubiski, Jonathan Faught, Alan (the drum major) Brown

All songs performed by The Insyderz
Produced by Eric (this is the single) Hoegemeyer and The Insyderz
Assistant Engineer: Steve (fresh pots) Lehane
Album Recorded and Mixed at Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, MI
Mastered by Jim Kissling
Art Direction and Design by Peter Rollo
Copyright 2012


all rights reserved



The Insyderz Detroit, Michigan

Formed in 1995, The Insyderz are a Skacore band from Detroit. Still alive, playing and writing new songs. Just older and wiser than before... OK, just older.

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